The Wine Drinker

This is the Dead Letter Office of my wine writing. These stories ended up not fitting on our company's Facebook page (Piedmont Wine Imports) or website,, for reasons that I think are clear once you scroll through a few posts. Less professional musings, impressions that ultimately never got past the rough prototype stage. Um... enjoy!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The neo-prohibitionists in our state senate were right - since the "Pop the Cap" initiative passed last month, my beer drinking habits have changed dramatically. I've been drinking more of the stuff, and at times have been in a kind of frenzy trying to taste (drink, really) all of the new products flooding the market. I imagine this first blush of enthusiasm will fade and I'll be able to get a night's rest or two. But at present the beer options are just too exiting. As a rank amateur beer taster I will not bore you with my half-witted tasting notes. What follows is a short list of products I highly recommend. Make sure to read fine print - many of these are equivalent alcohol-wise to kabinett-level German wines, and go down deceptively easy. Often the 11.2 oz. size is plenty of beer for this lightweight, though I do like the value-sized 750mls. As a final note underscoring the obvious, I'm not selling promoting beers because they're higher in alcohol, after all I could just drink booze if leglessness was on the agenda. I'm hyping these because they taste better than their lower-alcohol brethren. They're in a style that supports and benefits from the abv. Dive in and have fun. There are dozens more not listed below that are presently clogging up my fridge. If I get my act together (or suddenly have hours of uninterrupted free time) I'll post a list of more favorites in the future. Hope this is a helpful jumping-off point for the ocean of new beers suddenly around us.
Best of the New Beer:
Ferdinand Lager (Czech and 5%, but definitely worth exploring)$1.89/500ml
Ommegang Abbey Dubbel (Cooperstown, NY) $5.99/750ml
Ommegang Three Philosophers (Cooperstown, NY)$2.99/12oz.
DeProef Flemish Primitive #2 "Spoonwacker" (Belgium) $8.99/750ml
Fantome Pissenlit Dandelion Beer (Belgium($12.99/750ml
La Choulette Blonde (France) $7.50/750ml
Samuel Smith Imperial Stout (England)$4.50/550ml
Ayinger Celebrator (Germany)2.99/12oz
De Rocs Triple Imperiale (Belgium) $7.50/750ml
Nostradamus (Belgium) $7.50/750ml
Orval Trappist (Belgium) $4.99/11.2oz
Unibroue Maudite/Trois Pistoles/La Fin de Mond (Canada) $2.25/12oz.
Traquair Jacobite Ale (scotland) $5.99

And many more, as I mentioned above. Thanks for reading!